Thursday, January 22, 2015

Far-Back Turn in the Loop (Videos)

My blog celebrates two milestones today. This is entry #600, and yesterday I went over 18,000 all-time page views.
I really thought this would be an active spot, as the camera was near a major intersection of the loop, a path back to the cabin, and another which goes up a draw to the tree stand. When I checked the camera today, I found it upside-down on the ground and later learned that tripod had been knocked over just after midnight. It's pretty obvious who did it, as there were no other visitors on the videos.



Not sure I've noticed before how the raccoon seems to pat the ground to find the kernels of corn. They must have very sensitive paws. 

1/24 Update: My friend Angela has attached a great bit of information about the feeding habits of raccoons. Click on the 'comment' below this video.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Something From Each Camera

Neither camera alone had enough interesting photos for a blog entry, so you get a little from both of them. First up, pics from the short tripod, including an extreme close-up and a fuzzy look at two birds in flight. Then you'll see an alerted Luggage (while I'm oblivious to the danger), and who it was that chased her into the woods. (A harmless chase that ended quickly after a half-hearted effort on Mary's part.)

Meanwhile, at the other camera a combination of sun, shadows and poor camera placement produced a whole lotta' photos I wasn't crazy about. Probably the last time I'll aim a camera across the loop. The final pic is a keeper; a big bundle of Wilder going for a walk ;)

Monday, January 19, 2015

More Loopiness

I start today with another 'thank you' to my Facebook friends who helped make my last post the most-viewed in the history of the blog! Though your sharing, the blog reached a whole new audience!

To make it easier to follow the Trail Cam Catch of the Day, I've added a box at the very bottom of the page that will allow you to subscribe by email. Enter your email address and you'll automatically receive notice each time I post a new page. (Thanks, Paula!)

Many of you know I have the mechanical ability of a mud puddle, so I'm proud to show you something I actually made the other day. The piece of wood mounted on the short tripod will allow me to place a camera in places where there is no tree to attach it to (without simply setting the cam on the ground where it can draw moisture). 1 board, 1 bolt and a drill is all it took.

Here are the first pics from the tripod setup. Nothing special today. A daytime photo to show you where we are on the loop now, and after-dark shots of the buck with the deformed rack. That's not the unicorn buck from the other day but one with two completely different antlers.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Story Time: A Tale from the Lower Loop

Last time I showed you the beginning of the loop. The other camera was set up on the high side of the loop, very near where it intersects with the Path of Least Resistance. I moved that camera today and picked up the memory card while there. Here's a photo to show you what the loop looks like on the high side.

After moving this camera, I continued walking the loop, dropping feed at the usual spots. One of them, which you'll see next week, is a spot where I used to put trace mineral blocks. Over time, the deer have created a good-sized hole by eating the salt-laden clay. 

Bucks shed their antlers every year and grow new ones the next. On the ground inside the lick I found the smallest shed I've ever seen, and picked it up as a keepsake. From top-to-bottom it is just over 6" long. I brought it home and took a photo to share on this blog entry.

From there, I went inside to take a look at the photos on the memory card. Imagine my surprise!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Beginning of the Lower Loop Path

This spot is about 50 yards straight out my front door. At times I've hung an automatic feeder here so I could sit in my recliner and watch the visitors. No feeder this Winter but a handful of critter mix still brings a few visitors.